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Unknown High Mercury Pressure Lantern used in Italy

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Unknown High Mercury Pressure Lantern used in Italy

Message par GabryJ84 le Mer 18 Oct - 14:08

Hi all.
my name is Gabriele and i come from Italy. This is not the section to introduce myself so I wont, maybe I should do somewhere else.

I love discharge lamps and my town and I had an agreement to save from LEDization some pieces/per model of our old lighting equipment.

There is however one type of lantern that they could not supply to me, since it had been scrapped before the agreement was done
The lamp is the following

and can be seen here

Via Riccardo di Giusto, Udine, Italy

I did not found this type in the archive on your site. I believe it to be some italian type, but I could not find the producer nor other towns in Italy using the same type of lantern.

Doing some research on your and other sites, I believe I can exclude Zerbetto Illuminazione, since their products feature some holes to better ventilate the indu ctor (4 holes on some of my models) and Fidenza Vetraria for the same reason ( 3 holes), but I don't know if that is a distinctive feature of these producers (they might have produced also lanterns without holes).

So this is to ask if someone can help me determine the type of the lantern or even just point out some other towns that mount the same type of it.


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