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AP-Illuminazione + RCLuce + Grechi + Disano

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AP-Illuminazione + RCLuce + Grechi + Disano Empty AP-Illuminazione + RCLuce + Grechi + Disano

Message par GabryJ84 le Jeu 1 Nov - 22:47

I have personally contacted AP-Illuminazione and they stated that they don't produce anything, they only sell other producer's products.

So I believe that Fluorex and Billball can be moved to the Unknown section and Aldo Pagani removed from the producer's database.

There is also another company to add to Italian Database, which is RCLuce (actually their company is the opposite side of the road of Disano). It is not very common but it produces some HPS fixtures as well as another one named SELENE which seems to be no more in the catalog.

UPDATE 1: I recovered a Grechi Floodlight named Proton, which is very similar to the Astralux. Unfortunately I don't know where it was installed nor if there are others to take some pictures but I thought it was usefull to report a missing lantern type.

UPDATE 2: From the Disano catalogue I have sent you, we can desume what follows:

a) DISANO INDIA (Grand Modele avec vasque) becomes DISANO 1104 CORSICA
b) DISANO INDIA (Grand Modele sans vasque) becomes DISANO 1103 BORNEO
c) DISANO INDIA (Petit Modele avec vasque) becomes DISANO 1102 CIPRO
d) DISANO INDIA (Petit Modele sans vasque) keeps its name but becomes DISANO 1101 INDIA

e) for DISANO PORDOI I am a bit puzzled. It might be the case that the old versions were called 1112 CEYLON and somewhere after 1982 they rebranded all products with pass names and then it became PORDOI. Are you sure about that name?

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AP-Illuminazione + RCLuce + Grechi + Disano Empty Re: AP-Illuminazione + RCLuce + Grechi + Disano

Message par Lux'Or le Mer 2 Jan - 13:46

Thanks for these informations! like2

Eclairage Public - Portail

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