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HID Ballast vs SON Ballast

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HID Ballast vs SON Ballast Empty HID Ballast vs SON Ballast

Message par GabryJ84 le Sam 16 Juin - 15:01

Hi there,
I have a question I'm unable to answer myself, so I'm posing it here so maybe more expert people can help me figure it out.

The scenary is the following:

I have a HID OSRAM Ballast (NV250-01) with his own ignitor and a HID OSRAM Lamp (POWERSTAR HQI-T). I always used then together and had no problems with them, but since I had no fixtures, I always used them with simple wiring and a detachable lampholder.

Now that I have collected a fair ammount of fixtures, I am willing to implement 4 of them with the 4 most important types of discharge lamps (LPM, HPS, HPS-T, SOX, HQI-T) (for the purists: I know the -T and HQI are just commercial suffixes, I have reported them only to better understand what I am willing to do) or at least, the 4 most important types of discharge lamps in my life (personal memories when I was a child).

I have collected 6 SGS201-250 fixtures for that purpose (again for the purists: I do also have another 2 SGS201-250 which I will preserve as in their original forms) and I am replacing the ballasts/ignitors to have 1 fixture per hid type.

The QUESTION is the following: The fixture is already equipped with what is called SON ballast (Philips BSN 250L 02 9136 250 203) that states ONLY SON 250W. The OSRAM ballast I had was stating HQI and NAV ballast, meaning that It could be used for both NAV-T and HQI-T.

The OSRAM ballast is a bit old, and does not have screw holes, so I was trying to figure out if the Philips ballast is compatible with the HQI-T Osram Lamp, or it is just the Osram ballast that is compatible with both technologies and the Philips one is not and so it has to be replaced.

This is because it would save me a bit of work leaving the pre-existing ballast, but I'd rather not make the whole thing explode.

Can someone help me?


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